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Siekman-Funk Are Set To Wed June 18, 2016

Betrothed Bailey Siekman, 23, of Smithfield, Nebraska and Brenden Funk, 24, of McCook, Nebraska, will pledge their love and commitment during a late spring wedding ceremony on June 18th 2016.
The Holy matrimony will be at the home of the bride’s parents, Brian and Amber Siekman of Smithfield, followed by a reception for family and friends.BaileyandBrenden
The couple has allowed us to tell their love story, courtship and wedding preparations with our readers in the Bertrand Herald’s first edition bridal section.
The bride and bride-groom’s meeting was what some may call unconventional, but in the last several years has been becoming more and more popular. “We met on, you know, it’s the commercial on TV that says, City Folk Just Don’t Get It. Every time it comes on the TV, Brenden and I just look at each other and smile,” expressed Bailey.
“Brenden was the first one to flirt, but I spoke first,” commented Bailey. “It’s free to sign up, but you have to pay to talk. I paid for one month and he paid for three, so he had to cancel it.”
“After meeting online, we had our first date a week and a half later,” Bailey said. “I met his parents and sisters and then he took me to The Coppermill Steakhouse in Brenden’s hometown of McCook. It was so incredibly nice!” expressed Bailey.

giftsandthings2x8“As our relationship progressed, we didn’t know what to tell people, we were embarrassed to tell them we met online, so we thought maybe we should tell people that we met at a bar, but then realized that lots of people use dating sites.”
“Other couples I know have met on different sites like Tinder. It’s the way now; it’s very rare that you meet someone at a bar, unless you use an app, then meet there for a date.”
“Dating sites help you alleviate the questions of, is he a stalker? Or a creeper or psychopath? The best thing about it, Facebook, you can check out everything about a person or at least get a good idea of what type of person they are before you plan a date. Plus you can get a good idea of what type of relationship they really want. So after a while I told my dad, Brian, about meeting online and he said, “You didn’t need to tell me that, but hey, it’s fine. It works.”
Brenden told Bailey he loved her for the first time with a pink rose in his hand and after six months of courtship, Brenden proposed to Bailey on July 4th, 2015.
“I knew on the first date, she was the one!” expressed Brenden. “I don’t know why, but Bailey picked me!”
“I know it’s uncommon to be engaged after only six months, but when we looked at each other from the get go, we just knew, when you know you know,” expressed Bailey. “My parents, my grandparents and some great friends of mine only knew each other six months before they were all married,” voiced Bailey.
The relationship progressed and the Siekman family introduction to Brenden was at Bailey’s sister Jordan’s 21st birthday celebration at the family home in Smithfield. Brenden brought a bottle of Pendleton for my dad and a bottle of wine for mom. He commented that my mom was super nice and let’s just say, my dad’s not so humorous introduction was a bit uncomfortable, but Brenden rolled with the punches.
“The day Brenden proposed he told me we were going to fix fence. It was the Fourth of July and I was a little upset, because I was going to miss the family Fourth of July gathering to fix fence. So when I woke up that day I was a bit crabby. I just threw on some old clothes and boots, put my hair up in a ponytail and said I’m ready to go.”
“Then Brenden looked at me and said “you can’t wear that.”
“I just looked at him and said, why, what’s wrong with this, we are going to fix fence.”
“He said, yah well, why don’t you put on something a bit nicer, so we can go to the parade when we get finished?”
“So we went on horseback and checked the entire fence, it took like an hour and a half, then we found one tiny spot that needed fixed and I said we rode that long to fix that!” At that spot he laid down a blanket and said let’s have some coffee. So he starts talking away and I’m drinking my coffee and I’m like what are you saying? Then he got down on one knee, I just kept saying, you’re kidding right now, you’re kidding, and he said nope, and then I said yes. His mom and sister were recording a video and taking pictures. I didn’t even realize it.”
“I should have picked up on something in May. He asked me what my favorite jewelry store was. I just figured he was going to buy me a necklace or another piece of jewelry. I told him Sandy’s Jewerly in Holdrege, because the family has been friends with the Ouradas for years. Brenden planned it all out and had my ring custom made. Then he let me pick out the band. It’s a rose gold. Brenden wanted a yellow gold band; he wanted to be old fashioned. Lots of people are going with the white gold anymore.”
Bailey expressed that her love for Brenden comes from him being an honest man, that wear’s his heart on his sleeve. Basically, she commented, “He’s a lot like my dad, when I truly look at it.”
Brenden said “I love Bailey’s personality. She is very outgoing, a sensible woman, calm and keeps me steady.”

The wedding will be held at the home of Bailey’s parents Amber and Brian Siekman of rural Smithfield. Final touches are now being made by the bride and her exceptional wedding planner of a mother, Amber.
The bride and bride-groom have decided on a Country Chic vintage theme. Pastor Clark Bates of McCook Christian Church will officiate the wedding ceremony.
The bride only traveled a short distance from her hometown to purchase the most perfect dress from the Bridal Isle in Loomis, Nebraska. Bailey used to be an employee at the dress shop and was extremely happy when she found her dress at the local bridal shop. Bailey’s dress is a Champaign and Ivory vintage dress designed by Allure. The perfect dress was chosen with the help of her mother; grandmothers, Marlene Dahlgren and Sue Siekman; sisters, Jordan and Sidney and friends Meghan Gregg and Vanji and Rylan Vosler.
The bridal party consists of eight bridesmaids, eight groomsmen and three flower girls and ring bearers. The bridesmaids’ dresses are Abalone from Armoursansanguish and are all different in colors of coral shades and were purchased off of The groomsmen’s finery will be jeans with tan tuxedo jackets and vests from the Bridal Isle, with boots.
The fathers of the couple and Brenden will wear ivory and the ring bearers will be in turquoise.

Emily Kowalski of Emily Kowalski Photography was chosen as the couple's engagement and wedding day photographer. Kowalski lives in Wyoming and is a former Phelps County resident. Kowalski traveled to McCook to capture these beautifuly featured photographs.
Linda (Fox) Drews of Party Girls Creations of Paxton, Nebraska will prepare the flower bouquets. The bridesmaids will each carry a different type of flower in their bouquet. The bride’s elaborate bouquet will have a special combination of each of the bridesmaids’ flowers and will also be embellished by several exquisite brooches.
The bridesmaids’ hair and makeup will be done by Alejandro's Salon. Bailey’s good friend Kelsey Stevenson will give her the special wedding day treatment of bridal hair styling and makeup before the event.Wedding ceremony music will be provided by the bride’s cousin Capri Keller. She will be playing the harp.
An outdoor wedding reception under a tent of sparkling lights with dance floor will be the scene for nearly 500 guests who will attend to celebrate with the couple on their special day.
The wedding tent was rented from Lincoln Tent and Awning.
Tables will be intricately decorated with beautiful burlap and lace cloth and will feature compotes with turquois and coral glass gems with lights and flowers.
Hors d’oeuvres, desserts and beverages will be catered by Diane Kucera’s Country Catering of Litchfield, Nebraska. “Diane was amazing,” commented Amber Siekman. “Bailey, Brenden, grandma Darlene, great-aunt Marlene and Jordan went to decide on the appetizers and Diane prepared them all for us taste to help in the descision.”
The invitations were created by Inviting Moments Invitations found on The beautiful layout displays a sophisticated look of lace and burlap.
The bride and groom will share individual wedding mini cakes with each other following the nuptials. The mini cakes will be created by Kami Rose, a friend of the family.
Celebration music will be provided by Allen Wissmann’s Good Time Tunes DJ service.
Honored family will include Bailey’s parents Brian and Amber Siekman, Brenden’s parents Ken and Becky Funk; grandparents Darrell and Sue Siekman of Central City, Gary and Marlene Dahlgren of Bertrand; great-grandparents -  late Vernon and late Mary Dahlgren; late Freddie and Doris Renken; late Kenneth and late Carolyn Allan. Brenden’s grandparents the late James and Late Violet Funk of Oklahoma City; late Jerry and Jackie Coyle of McCook
Now the couple awaits the big day on June 18th and will fine tune all the wedding day details as the time nears.
The couple will honeymoon at a later date to Charleston, S.C or with friends for a destination wedding in Mexico.
Wedding registries for the couple have been created at Stephanie’s, Gifts and Things, Barmore’s in Lexington, online at Knowlen and Yates Kitchen store and home décor, McCook Hallmark, Herbergers and Target.
Brenden and Bailey will make their home in McCook where Brenden has joined the family business C&K Distributors and works at the McCook Sale Barn. Bailey is employed at Lifetime Eyecare in McCook. The couple has also recently started a small cattle herd.
City Folks, just don’t get it.


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