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BR161793KWedding day tokens of good luck come in many forms, but Òthe something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue (a sixpence in your shoe)Ó adage remains one of the most popular luck-enhancing wedding traditions. According to the bridal resource The Knot, this tradition stems from an Olde English rhyme. Something old represents continuity; something new is for optimism for the future; something borrowed stands for borrowed happiness; and something blue is for purity, love and fidelity. The sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity, but this is not a tradition widely celebrated outside of the United Kingdom or British territories.
These traditions can add some creative flair and personality to wedding ceremonies. ThereÕs no end to the inventive combinations of items brides can carry to increase their good fortunes.

Something old
Something old is one of the easier mementos to obtain. There is a good chance that someone in the family is willing to pass an item down to the bride that she can include in her wedding wardrobe. It also can be something the bride may have in her own memory box. Beads taken from a grandmotherÕs dress or a swatch of fabric from a beloved toy doll are creative ideas that can be sewn into inconspicuous places on gowns.

Something new
Brides already purchase many new items for their wedding day looks, so Òsomething newÓ should not be too hard to find. Couples may want to work together to find something new they can both carry so they have a matching set upon tying the knot. Interlocking charm bracelets or keychains may work. What about the groom carrying a small padlock and the bride the key? Quirky couples can each wear one sock from a pair. Get clever and have fun.

Something borrowed
Much like something old, something borrowed is yet another way to pay homage to a friend or family member. ItÕs also one way to add a sentimental twist to everyday items. Borrow a grandfatherÕs handkerchief to wrap around the stems of the wedding bouquet. Exchange vows with the original rings used by a distant relative at their own wedding. Flatter a close friend by wearing the same veil she did.

Something blue
There are many ways to incorporate Òsomething blueÓ into your wedding ceremony. Brides can paint their toenails blue or wear blue shoes under their gowns. Sew a patch from a pair of denim jeans into the bodice of the dress. Paint the bottom of your shoes bright blue so they stand out when kneeling at the altar. Blue sapphire or topaz jewelry can add an exotic look to the wedding wardrobe.
With a little ingenuity, brides can easily incorporate Òsomething old, something new, something borrowed, something blueÓ into their wedding ceremonies.  BR161793

CAPTION: Blue gloves and garter can fulfill the Òsomething blueÓ in the popular good-luck wedding tradition.


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