Monday, July 22, 2019

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03:36 am A deputy assisted another agency with transporting prisoners, out of county.

07:37 am Report of a vehicle in the ditch, rural Phelps County.  A deputy checked the area, no vehicle was found.

07:56 am Report of a trailer spilling glutton on the roadway, US Hwy 6 & 34.  A deputy along with the state patrol assisted with traffic control for the spill.  The Nebraska Department of Roads assisted in cleaning up the spill.

13:55 pm A deputy investigated a one vehicle property damage accident, rural Phelps County.  The report has not been completed at this time.

14:45 pm Request for a deputy to keep the peace, Loomis.  A deputy assisted keeping the peace for a civil matter.

16:03 pm Complaint of horses running at large, rural Phelps County.  Owner was contacted.

17:10 pm Complaint of a reckless driver, US Hwy 6 & 34.  The Holdrege Police Department stopped the vehicle it had entered the city limits, a deputy assisted with the stop.

20:51 pm Report of lost dogs, Funk.  Information on file if we receive any calls for a dog running at large.

23:24 pm A deputy stopped to check on a motorist, rural Phelps County.  They had assistance already in route to help them.