Thursday, June 27, 2019

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Horse 4-H members from Dawson and surrounding counties gathered at the fairgrounds in Lexington. They came together to test their skills and knowledge in hippology and horse judging contests, said Dawson County Extension Educator Bruce Treffer.
Garnering trophy wins in Hippology, which refers to the study of the horse, were Senior Division winner Katrina Sell of Atlanta and Junior Division winner Greg Treffer of Cozad. The competition consisted of a quiz along with tack, physiology and anatomy identification.
Junior Hippology
Purple ribbons: Greg Treffer, Cozad; and Sarah Treffer, Cozad.
Blue ribbon: Helene Keiser, Gothenburg.
Red ribbon: Mayla Sutherland, Cozad.
Senior Hippology
Blue ribbons: Katrina Sell of Atlanta; and Jennica Dannehl, Bertrand.
In the judging contest, 4-H’ers evaluated both halter and performance classes and gave oral reasons. Leah Treffer of Cozad and Sarah Treffer of Cozad swept the senior and junior divisions respectively. Both received trophies.
Junior Division
Purple ribbons: Sarah Treffer, Cozad; Helene Keiser, Gothenburg; Greg Treffer, Cozad.
Blue ribbons: Mayla Sutherland, Cozad.
Senior Division
Purple ribbons: Dannyl Bromander, Eustis; Jennica Dannehl, Bertrand; Leah Treffer, Cozad; and Katrina Sell, Atlanta.