Thursday, June 27, 2019

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Jeff Moore, Ag Education Instructor at Holdrege High School has completed a STEM based CASE (Curriculum for AgriScience Education) training the past two weeks at Waverly High School on Agriscience Plant Sciences. Through a Nebraska FFA Foundation scholarship, funded by the Nebraska Soybean Board and DuPont Pioneer, Mr. Moore is supplementing this STEM based curriculum by using soybeans as a model, focus and method for learning. This fall Mr. Moore will be implementing this curriculum in their classroom by utilizing soybeans in various segments of the CASE Principles of Agriscience Plant Science systems.5042
“This is a good effort for industry and a commodity board to further agricultural education in our schools. The program shares the expertise of others to raise the level of agricultural education in our schools,” says Victor Bohuslavsky, Executive Director of the Nebraska Soybean Board.
Through this curriculum Mr. Moore will be teaching Holdrege Ag Education students about the process, benefits and challenges related to the use of soybeans in agriculture. “The content and curriculum in addition to the added use of technology and tools will greatly enhance several courses and teaching methods within the Holdrege Ag Education Department.” Not only will the curriculum be applied to basic Plant Systems Course work, but the applications will apply to production agriculture practices and topics that our local ag producers are using today.” says Mr. Moore.
Matt Kreifels, Assistant Professor of Practice with UNL’s Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication Department says, “We expect our teachers to know everything and teach all areas of agriculture, food and natural resources. The reality is they have very minimal resources to equip both themselves and their classrooms to teach this valuable information. The CASE Institute is unique and very beneficial to a teacher. They can easily implement that curriculum right in their classroom.”
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