Sunday, August 25, 2019

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BHS Teachers Affect Careers:

My wife and I really enjoyed seeing Lois and Iola, two members of our graduating Class of 1952. I hated it that after the banquet, no one could tell us the new address of Virginia Meyer for coffee afterward. We also enjoyed the wonderful meal. And, afterwards I talked to Jim Carson, the younger brother of two other classmates of ours, Fred and Patty Carlson. And I talked with Ivan Samuelson who I had attended country school with.
I would like to have heard stories about how the teachers at Bertrand High School affected our choice of careers. For example: The algebra teacher taught me to appreciate math and the bookkeeping teacher taught me to appreciate accounting. These two encouraged me to get three college degrees and become both a CPA and a college professor. What a wonderful life my wife and I have had..and all because of the wonderful teachers at Bertrand High School.
Perhaps the speaker committee can find someone else to talk on their experiences next year.
Lynn Dyer, Hastings


Input On 2017 Carnival:

I would like to share my input as to the carnival this year. I know last year’s carnival was the same but the workers last year made sure the kids could get in and out of the rides, made sure they were buckled in, (not this year).
I for one have heard many complaints with the help of workers not helping kids in and out of rides. It was also said they didn’t realize there was so much room and they were going to bring more rides. I didn’t see anymore.
It’s great to have a carnival, but I wasn’t very happy with the carnival workers this year!
Cindy Mumm, Bertrand



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